June 18, 2013


[Fr. Peduru Jeevaraj]

“In the Via Crucis, various strands of Christian piety coalesce: the idea of life being a journey or pilgrimage as a passage from earthly exile to our true home in Heaven; the deep desire to be conformed to the Passion of Christ; the demands of following Christ, which imply that his disciples must follow behind the Master, daily carrying their own crosses…”
(Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy, 133)

Way of the Cross is a way of prayer. One walks, in spirit, with Jesus on His journey to Calvary and meditates on His suffering and death. Each meditation can be a personal meeting with Christ and a new discovery of His presence in one's life. Each meditation can be deeply personal by recalling specific persons places and experiences in one's own life.

In the Way of the Cross (Via Crucis) the faithful are invited to follow the final earthly journey of Christ. We walk and pray before the traditional 14 stations that depict the central moments of the Passion of Christ from His condemnation to His entombment. This journey is an occasion to contemplate Our Lord’s work for our redemption undertaken with love and humility.

The annual Way of the Cross at Hingurana Calvary began with the presence and blessing of Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph ponniah, Bishop of Batticaloa, on 02. 03.13 at 9.30.am. Bishop encouraged those present to go forth and be the face of Christ in the world, and then invited the entire congregation to follow the cross.

We congratulate Fr. Christy Fernando, the parish priest of Ampara for organizing a meaningful way of the Cross for this Lent.