June 18, 2013

Resignation of pope Benedict XVI

[Fr. Peduru Jeevaraj]
“He is an extremely cordial person, and is very welcoming, always focused on each person he meets,” says Bishop Joseph ponniah. Reflecting on the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI, Bishop Joseph ponniah portrays the Holy Father as a person of great integrity. The decision to retire from his service as Supreme Pontiff is yet another proof of his total dedication to the Church of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.Bishop Joseph Ponniah invites all the fathers, religious and the faithful of the diocese to pray for Benedict XVI, "Pope Emeritus", especially as he devotes the coming years at the service of the church through a life of prayer. Let us pray for the College of Cardinals who will elect a new Pope in the coming conclave.

“Pope Benedict has been a great pope, especially in his teaching. He has really focused on the foundations of Christian faith. His encyclicals – such as Deus Caritas Est, Spe salvi, Caritas in Veritate – have been a great blessing. They have explored those foundations of Christian faith in a very intelligent, thoughtful, creative way, drawing on scriptures, traditions, and experience.” The role of the pope in the life of the Church is important. He is not merely a symbol of the Church, but holds a supreme leadership position that comes with a great responsibility. Since the time of St. Peter, the pope's primary focus has been on service to the Church. That is often why the Holy Father is referred to as the "Servant of Servants of God."

The bishop requests the diocese to make this period of papal transition an especially prayerful time, adding that it is appropriate that it is happening in the midst of the Lenten season, a time of renewal and conversion.