November 5, 2013


The Mass for deceased Bishops and Priests of the diocese celebrated by Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Ponniah in St Mary's Cathedral on Monday 4 November at 5.00pm. Hundreds of local faithful attended and dozens of priests from the diocese concelebrated. Religious brothers and sisters and faithful from different parishes participated.
In his homily bishop said “in faith that life is changed not ended. We know that we enter into God’s presence, to be received with mercy, where nothing is hidden yet all can be healed, so that we may await the final restoration, the final transformation. We know in faith that this pathway is not opened up in the twinkling of an eye, but through the suffering and death of Christ. We know that our Risen Saviour bears the wounds of His sufferings. All of this helps us to look death in the eye and not be overcome with fear”.
He further said “At the centre of our Catholic beliefs about death is the paschal mystery of Christ, that mystery which includes life here and hereafter and our own hope of resurrection. Therefore the actions of a Catholic community when one of its members dies must as clearly as possible proclaim this central mystery. Particularly is this true when the faithful of the diocese gather to pray for the deceased bishops and priests, to support with its faith, hope and love.
After the mass all the priests and religious were invited for a high tea at the clergy house.